UroGPO was founded in early 2013, and is the product of several of the most prominent private urology practices in the country having expressed an interest in becoming a member of a nationwide urology group buying consortium. Urologists and practice administrators are constantly being “bombarded” with new information and challenges in the healthcare world, and banding together to address these challenges with a unified front carried significant appeal. The company was formally launched to the urology community in October of 2013.

Since then, UroGPO has quickly grown to be one of the most relevant specialty-focused organizations in the industry. In 2014, UroGPO began offering an In-Office Dispensing (IOD) solution to its membership to bridge the gap between the practice and the patient for a convenient solution for patients to obtain their oral oncolytic mCRPC medications. In addition, UroGPO members welcomed multiple pharmaceutical contracts, three distributor contracts, as well as a host of buying contracts for urology devices, supplies, and services.

Today, UroGPO is comprised of many of the largest, most active urology practices in the country and has enjoyed the process of adding over 3,000 urology providers into its membership.