An In-Office Dispensing Pharmacy is a small, simplified, networked computer workstation that serves to dispense and bill medications right out of a physician’s office. (Point-of-Care)

UroGPO began offering an In-Office Dispensing (IOD) solution to its membership to bridge the gap between the practice and the patient for a convenient solution for patients to obtain their oral oncolytic mCRPC medications.

UroGPO’s solution is easy to implement and provides the comprehensive information and tools needed to ensure your practice is successful while delivering the best possible outcomes to your patients.

Highlights Include:

  • UroGPO contract portfolio
  • QS/1 dispensing platform
  • Comprehensive training and education for your Administrative, Clinical, and Operational Staff
  • Performance metrics and analytics
  • Ongoing program support
  • Cursory overview of your state and local requirements and regulations