“UroGPO has been an excellent partner to our practice in implementing leading edge services for our patients. As a smaller practice of 10 providers, we are always seeking ways to distinguish ourselves as market leaders. UroGPO understands our goals and has been a key component in providing resources, guidance, networking, and cost-savings opportunities to achieve them. We have experienced first-hand that the UroGPO team is committed to serving practices of all sizes. We highly recommend partnership with UroGPO”

Dr. Gus Harb, MD, FACS
Urological Associates P.C

UroGPO was instrumental in Oregon Urology Institute’s (OUI) implementation of the In-Office Dispensing Program. John Lengauer was readily accessible with any questions or concerns that arose during this process. Their knowledge and support was the foundation to our success. John’s expertise and step by step guidance through this process made the steep learning curve attainable. UroGPO is a tremendous organization and we have enjoyed our experience.

Sarah Cox, RMA
Urodynamic Coordinator/In Office Dispensing
Oregon Urology Institute

The decision to go with UroGPO for our IOD program was partially based upon the level of comfort we felt with Darren, John, and their team. We spent quite some time interviewing and meeting with other IOD providers, internal meetings, and phone conferences with similar LUGPA groups, and we were continually drawn back to UroGPO. The straight forward information that they provided, the competitive pricing, the other opportunities that would become available to us, and the knowledge that urology is their focus; were all factors in our decision. Another key point for us in our decision process was the benefit of the uTrack system. This web-based system provides real time monitoring of UroGPO contract purchases and rebates based on our current tier. This will allow us the ability to manage those funds with accuracy. Since having made that choice, we are very pleased with the support and continued attention we have received from the team. John has been stellar in assisting us through the paperwork maze, only giving us the items we need to focus on at the moment, and not overwhelming us with the entire process. John has always been very quick to reply to emails and phone calls, no matter how basic or complex the question. As we move closer to our official start date, we have a level of confidence that has been nurtured by the care and attention we have received from Darren, John, and the rest of the staff.

Bonne Greenblatt
Practice Administrator
Michigan Institute of Urology, PC

UroGPO’s expertise and skillful guidance were essential components in the successful establishment and operation of our in-house pharmacy.  They were well-organized in their approach, responsive each time we had a question, and supportive as we adjusted to the increasing demand.  Our healthcare “value equation” always will include UroGPO.

Alan Winkler
Urology San Antonio